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Can't come in for a session? In the
privacy of your own home and
whenever it is convenient for you,
you can use these audio programs
to feel better instantly and reach
your goals. The CD's are all
amazingly relaxing with beautiful
background music. Your success
with these audio CD's is backed up
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guarantee. You can't lose!

Beautiful Baby Series
Ripe and Fertile
The stress of trying to
get pregnant can be
working against you.
Your body is designed
to shut down fertility during times of
stress to save its energy and
resources. With this CD you can
reverse that. Increase your inner
peace, manage stress and anxiety
and boost your fertility. Studies
show that deep relaxation and
hypnosis boost fertility by up to
200%. Alternate this CD with
“Anxiety Be Gone”.

Peaceful New Mom
What new mother doesn't feel
stressed and overwhelmed?  Relax
your way into being a confident,
happy, rested mom. You’ll feel calm,
in touch with your mothering
instincts, more rested with less
sleep, more bonded with your baby,
and enjoy your little one even more
than ever with this CD.   A must for
every new mom
Ripe and Fertile
Peaceful New Mom
20 Minute Stress
Anxiety Be Gone
Put Insomnia to Sleep
Healthy Eating
Weight Loss Made
Healthy New
Thoughts, Slim New
Feel Great as a
Prepare for Surgery,
Heal Faster
Any Combo of 3 CD's
Peaceful Living Series
20 Minute Stress Manager
Imagine the experience of deep
peace in your everyday life.
Learn a new way of being in
the world where stress no
longer affects you as you
maintain a feeling of inner
peace and well-being.

Anxiety Be Gone
A beautiful journey into feeling wonderfully
calm and  relaxed. Melt away worries and
anxiety and experience deep peace, love, and
trust. Our most popular CD for good reason!

Put Insomnia to Sleep
Tuck away your racing thoughts and kiss your
worries goodnight. This CD will lull you into a
deep restorative sleep and is a great cure for
sleepless nights.

Healthy Eating Series
Healthy Eating
You will love eating healthy, wholesome foods
and turn away from junk and sugar. For
anyone who wants to make eating healthier
foods easy and automatic.

Weight Loss Made Easy
Hypnosis makes it easier to chose healthy
foods and control portions. This CD will
increase your motivation, have you craving
healthier foods, and help you love to exercise
and feel better.

Healthy New Thoughts, Slim New Body
By popular request, I have created these
affirmations that you can listen to in the car
and retrain your mind even while driving.

Greater Health Series

Feel Great as a Non-Smoker
Turn away from cigarettes and feel great
about yourself as you chose greater health,
energy, and confidence as a non-smoker.

Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster
Studies show that hypnosis before surgery
is enormously effective at reducing anxiety,
and accelerating the healing process. Many
hospitals now use hypnosis resulting in less
complications, faster recovery and less pain,
and a better overall experience. Listen to this
CD before surgery, and listen to Anxiety Be
Gone during and after surgery for optimal
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