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"I am still in awe of my new ability to have faith in myself and trust in others. Thank you for that
-Irene, Santa Fe, NM

"Hypnotherapy was productive, enlightening and relaxing. My doctor sent me to Nancy because I
was disabled with phobia's about my health. I now feel healthy and safe."
-Dorothy, Hinesburg, VT

"I am stunned by how whole I feel. I never expected to feel this wonderfully whole."
-Abby, Charlotte, VT

"Your sincere interest and compassion meant a lot to me. You truly have a gift!"
-Kathy, San Francisco, CA

"My mind was my enemy, now it is my friend. Through a guided experience of hypnotherapy with
Nancy, this amazing miracle happened."
-Patty, Jericho, VT

"Thank you for working with me, using your wonderful healing hypnotherapy skills and gift. I have
not forgotten the tools you've given me, and when I use them I find myself back to a place of
calm. I appreciate all the work you did."
-Jeannette, Burlington, VT

"Nancy has an ability to listen to your particular problem and hear the underlying core beliefs that
are 'running your show'. Nancy then helps you develop and frame your intention. Under safe,
guided hypnosis, Nancy assists your alignment with your inner
self, and your powerful subconscious. Under her gentle guidance, tools are given to you by your
own subconscious, to address the issue at hand. Powerful."
-Pam, South Burlington, VT

"After my session with Nathalie, I felt calm, confident, relaxed, and my recovery from surgery has
been faster than anticipated."
-Ellen, Shelburne, VT

"Nancy is more than a therapist. Her preference to use hypnotherapy to access the subconscious
makes sense to me. Things I have voiced in session remain with me for years. Hypnosis allows me
access to something deep, and probably something I should pay attention to. Nancy
has a warm and involved approach, that lends the feeling she truly interested
in me and my well being."
-David, Burlington, VT

"My mom attempted to quit smoking many times, and was successful for anywhere
from three months to two years, but essentially she has been a lifelong smoker. At the
age of 74 frustrated with all other attempts and smoking cessation measures, she met
with Nancy for one session of hypnotherapy. She has not only successfully quit smoking
but in fact she reports not even having cravings. She confided in me that when smoking
occurs to her she simply realizes that there is a small voice in her head that says 'just
breathe fresh air, just breathe fresh air' ...and she does! It has made me very happy that my
mother is no longer a smoker. There is no doubt in my mind that Nancy and her hypnotherapy
played the key role in her success, and I am grateful."
-Sam, New Haven, CT

Nathalie is an extraordinarily gifted woman. Her presence itself is relaxing, as she exudes
enthusisam without personal judgment of any kind. She has the gift of compassionate
understanding that enables her to have insight into many different walks of life. She has
tremendously effective. I have felt completely comfortable with her confidentiality and her
attention to the situation at hand. It takes a great deal of trust to allow oneself to relax into the
hands of a hypnotherapist, and my trust in Nathalie is absolute. She was able to enable me to
make significant shifts in my life through her sessions and the subsequent audio tapes she made
for me. She is extremely professional in the way that she handles her business. I have always
had complete confidence in her abilities, and I cannot recommend her more highly."
-Jane, Shelburne, VT

"I am surprised at how effective hypnotherapy is. I feel as if I got more out of one session that in
five years of talk therapy. Nathalie was able to bypass my critical conscious mind and go straight
to the subconscious, and reprogram negative thought patterns into positive ones. I felt
completely safe the entire time, and I never felt as if I was being led in a direction I did not wish
to go. It has been a long time since I have felt this whole and happy. Nathalie is a wonderfully
relaxed, gentle, down to earth person and her healing space is lovely."  
-Belinda, Montreal, Canada

"Nathalie is such an inspiration. I’ll never forget the source of hope and encouragement she’s
been to me and to others. Her role as a mother, educator, healer, counselor and much more is
admired by many."
-Susan, San Francisco, CA

"My hypnotherapy session was the best gift my mom ever gave me."
-Carin, Starksboro, VT

"Nathalie is a remarkable healer who has both intuition and skill. I can't recommend highly
-Caroline, Burlington, VT

"I have always had a problem with being easily embarrassed and blushing. I thought as I got
older, it would go away. Now being over fifty, it actually intensified into a social anxiety phobia. My
symptom became a severe perspiring problem, when my anxiety intensified. My personal physician
put me on medication, which helped some. I read where hypnosis can be helpful for people with
problems like mine. I sought help from Nathalie and have benefited greatly from our sessions, in a
very short time. I now can have normal conversations with friends and people I do not know with
no or very little difficulty. I no longer have to avoid social situations or live in fear of when I will
break out in a drenching sweat. Nathalie was able to bring out memories I had that I avoided
thinking about, only to find that they were the causes of my problem. I am extremely grateful that
I sought Nathalie's help."
-Ronald, Swanton, VT

"I lost 6 pounds the first week, and I am having so much fun. This isn't even hard. All my friends
who are on diets are grumpy and feeling deprived, and here I am having a blast. My co-workers
are commenting upon my mood, asking me what I am on, and I just tell them it's the hypnosis
sessions I am doing. I feel great. I had a habit of buying junk food at the gas station, and I don't
do that anymore. If fact, my mom asked me to go in and buy her something, and I gave the rest of
the pack of candy to the clerk, because I really didn't want it. Boy was he surprised!"
-Pat, Colchester, VT

"Every time I used to go into a store I would buy candy. After a session with Nathalie, I’m not
even tempted by it. I walk right by it without even giving it a thought."
-Kathy, Newport Beach, RI

"As a long time smoker (40+ years) who grew up in a smoking household I figured that being a
non-smoker was beyond me.  Besides the physiological addiction, the act of smoking was woven
into my identity.  My physical addiction was bolstered and complicated by many years of using
smoking to "deal" with a host of emotional components.  But I really wanted and needed to quit.
Nathalie's approach deftly wove my personal pitfalls and strengths into her already formidable
formula and personalized our sessions in such a way that I became an increasingly confident and
very happy non-smoker!  I celebrate every day and strongly recommend Nathalie to my fellows.  
Allow yourself to hope. Nathalie can and does make those hopes come true."
-Jo Beauchemin,  Burlington, VT

"I have worked with Nathalie over the past several years. Nathalie is compassionate, intuitive,
and committed to her work. I've been particularly impressed with Nathalie's work with my patients
on boosting their fertility while going through the IVF process. Even more, my patients have been
excitedly happy with the outcome!  I saw Nathalie personally for hypnotherapy and felt very
satisfied with the results. Now my patients are benefiting from Nathalie's work. I wholeheartedly
recommend Nathalie for her hypnotherapy work."
-Jeanette W. Moy, MS, L.Ac

"Thanks to you, I’m facing my baby’s birth with more confidence than I ever thought possible!" -
Naomi, San Francisco, CA

"The hypnosis session helped me to relax and have good thoughts about the upcoming delivery. I
found the session to be very relaxing, and my delivery was amazingly comfortable."
-Carol, Essex, VT

"Nathalie’s soothing voice and reassuring words were instrumental in helping me navigate my
way through one of the most challenging experiences of my life- being a new mother. I listened to
my tape every night for months. It was the only technique that resulted in restful sleep. Thank
you!!" -Cynthea, Burlington, VT

"The hypnotherapy helped me to relax before surgery, here is a picture of me smiling. Rather than
being nervous, I was weeping with joy as the anesthesiologist put in the medication and I believe
he only had to use the minimal amounts. I also believe it helped speed the healing process. I was
running four weeks after surgery! The session we did regarding transitions into motherhood also
helped minimize the feelings of being overwhelmed and learn to balance motherhood and work."   
-Catherine, South Burlington, VT

"Nathalie is a lifesaver. I am well-prepared for the hospital, and not as scared."
-Betsy, San Francisco, CA

"My session with Nathalie was much more effective than Vicadin at relieving my chronic pain." -
Sarah, Shelburne, VT

"The session was AWESOME-- I felt like you totally understood me and you were very, very
helpful. I'm not super-sure what you have done for me, but I've been feeling a lot different ever
since (i.e. positive, present, & happy!). I can't wait to get my CD. So: thank you for being you and
for the work you do. I hope to see you again soon." -Gale, Eliot, Maine

"I'm back from my trip and my flying experience was very successful! Can't say that I didn't have a
little nervousness going out but I think that it was from doing something that I just wasn't used
to doing. My son put the cd on my ipod and it really helped.- I listened to it the night before and
then on the plane. On the way home I can honestly say I just felt matter of fact - like I was going
on a trip in a car! I can't thank you enough for how gentle and caring you were through my whole
hypnotic experience."   -Dori, Charlotte, VT

"You helped me tremendously, and I found my jewelry! Hypnosis cleared the stress from my head
so I could think clearly, and when I opened up the drawer I had searched before, it was right on
top. The benefits even spilled over into other parts of my life, and I'm less stressed at work." -
Brenda, Fairfax, VT

"I have listened to the tape you made for me on a regular basis and it has led to a greater
experience of prosperity on many levels - financial, personal and spiritual. Thank you for your
guidance and language that has opened the door to shifts in my life. Your balance of presence
and guidance is a gift.
-Holly , Colchester, VT

"I love the way the class unfolded- it couldn’t have been better. I know that each person left more
fulfilled, more hopeful, and feeling much less alone. For me it was an incredible evening with truly
wonderful people sharing invaluable insight and growth experiences. Thank you so much."
-Susan, San Francisco, CA

"I can't have blood drawn. It's not the needle, it's way deeper than that. The one time I did it was
20 years ago. I was tough and didn't flinch at the needle. The doctor said, "see, that was easy." I
walked back to the car barely holding it together, then fell to pieces in privacy. It took me three
days to recover from the nightmares. I made an appointment at last to see a hypnotherapist and
deal with this issue. I went to Nathalie Kelly, who is experienced in both hypnotherapy and
shamanic work. I told her that this has been a deeply seated fear since birth -- my mother told me
as a baby how I would freak out in the doctor's office. I wanted to see if there was a past-life
source of the trauma that we could heal. Nathalie took me to a hallway, filled with doors to past
lives. She said to look through a door that would take me to the source of this fear. I saw a door
with a young girl on a fishing boat, surrounded by whales, and it was such pure beauty and joy
that I thought, "I'll go here instead." I became that girl on the boat. I sang to the whales, swam
with the whales, and then called in the fish, so many fish that the boat was filled to the rim with
slippery silver. My grandfather, rowing the boat, was so proud that I'd called enough fish to feed
the entire village. This was how powerful I was, and he was joyful just to be with me.

"Nathalie suggested that I go to the time where the fear came from. By now, I was so grounded
in that beautiful little girl that it was easy to be her again, as an adult woman, in a dark room
giving birth. It was twins, and the birth was hard. The first baby came out, but the second held
on. The placenta broke and caused a hemorrhage. The spirit of my grandfather waited at my head
while I bled to death. After my death I was able now to go walk on the beach and find a beautiful
abalone shell. I took that shell and caught the flowing blood. I was able to heal the wound with
the shell, and the loss of blood was stopped. I went to where my body lay, on the top of a hill,
and added the healing abalone shell to the disintegrating bones. Flowers grew in the grass above
my grave, nourished by my death.

Yesterday, I went into a hospital, and offered my arm. They took a vile of blood, and for the first
time, it did not feel as if they were contributing to my death. I was able to give it freely and
without fear. The profound difference between even thinking about drawing blood before, when it
would nauseate me just to allow the thought in my mind, and the action of freely giving, was so
complete that it feels like a miracle has occurred. Although I was deeply afraid of the work I had to
do with Nathalie, the experience itself was gracefully easy. When I rose to go home, I knew that
an incredible change had occurred. But it involved no re-experiencing of the pain or the fear. She
supported my higher self in every step of the process. And I am truly grateful."
-Alison, Taipei, Taiwan
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